In reverse chronological order, here are course descriptions, materials, duties, and post-semester reflections from my teaching career thus far.  Each course where I served as faculty was constructed around independently conceived and crafted curricula based on the prime learning objectives and types of essays required by the departments in which I was teaching at the time.

My statement of teaching philosophy is available here.  Student and departmental evaluations are available on request.  Click on the images below for course-specific information, visuals, and materials.

All curriculum materials designed by V. Manivannan are held under a Creative Commons license for non-commercial use, modification with sharing, and international jurisdiction so long as appropriate attribution is made.

CU ASP Summer Bridge Program: University Writing


RU JMS567:274: Consumer Media Culture [TA]

 MSU ENWR105: College Writing I

    MSU ENWR 106: Literature Analysis

YU ENGL 1102: Writing Batman

New School LFYW1500: Writing Cyberpunk

   YU ENG1101: Writing the City

 CU ENGLC1010: University Writing