Below is an archive of selected teaching materials, such as my teaching philosophy, course descriptions, syllabi, and sample student comments, organized by subject matter in reverse chronological order.

Each course where I served as part-time faculty was constructed around independently conceived and crafted curricula based on the prime learning objectives and types of essays required by the departments where I was teaching at the time. (The exception is Consumer Media Culture, which I “inherited” from Dr. Jack Bratich after serving as his TA for two years; aside from updated examples and a “reverse engineering” assignment I designed, I kept the material more or less the same.)

+ First-Year Writing
+ Upper-Level Rhetoric & Writing
+ Journalism & Media Studies
+ English as a Second Language

Student and departmental evaluations for each course are available on request.

All curriculum materials designed by me are held under a Creative Commons license for non-commercial use, modification, and sharing.

Creative Commons License