Phone the Police.

You dismiss Rajiv and call the police. You’re on hold for a long time before you’re transferred to an officer. You state your name, profession, and institution, describe the article you’re planning to run today, and read the letter to him. Hearing it out loud, in your own voice, scares you more than seeing the written words.

“It’s probably nothing,” the officer says. “Just a hoax, or a prank. Lot of good people are angry about the way those boys are being vilified.”

You hang up the phone, not at all consoled.

You take the morning to think over your options. It’s too important a story to cancel. You pass the article on to the presses. It prints the next day. People read it. They look horrified, disgusted, infuriated, but they are reading it, a local newspaper, breaking the culture of silence that has prevailed for so long.

Three days later.

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