Creative Writing


Manivannan, V. (2014). ThisIsMyManifesto.htm. The Fanzine. Web.

Manivannan, V. (2014). Numerology. DIAGRAM. Web.

Manivannan, V. (2014). I am always in transition when disaster strikes. R.kv.r.y. Quarterly Literary Journal. Web.

Manivannan, V. (2014). The meaning of a machete. CONSEQUENCE Magazine, 6. Print. #pdf. Pushcart nominee.

Manivannan, V. (2013). Notes to self. theNewerYork. Web. #link

Manivannan, V. (2013). White van fear. Black Clock, 16. Print. #pdf

Manivannan, V. (2004). Invictus. Denver: Pearl Street Publishing, LLC, 2004. Print. #link


Manivannan, V. (2009). Vowvaal. “Every Comic is Asian American.” Asian-American Comic Convention. The Museum of Chinese in America, New York, NY.

Manivannan, V. (2007). Black and gray. The Lucky Cat Bar, Brooklyn, NY.

*All pdfs are working drafts. For citation purposes or up-to-date versions, please refer to the final copies in the print or digital editions of the journals specified.

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