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credit: sara fuller (2018)

I am currently a full-time lecturer in Writing Studies in the Department of English and Modern Languages at Pace University in Pleasantville, NY. I previously taught as an adjunct at Rutgers University, Baruch College, Montclair State University, and Columbia University. While I have used the learning management systems (LMS) offered by the universities where I have taught, I have supplemented them by designing course websites and adapting social media platforms, games, and other digital tools. I have archived a selection of these digital materials below, with defunct sites either represented by snapshots or simply listed as having been used. All course websites and other course materials may be found at my teaching website.

Courses Taught at Pace University

ENG 120: Critical Writing / website / / slack / labor log
ENG 110: Composition / website

Courses Taught at Rutgers University

JMS 201: Media Ethics and Law / panopto / flipgrid / yellowdig / twitter / twine fiction

JMS 275: Social Media and Culture / website / twitter / vine [defunct]

Courses Taught at Columbia University

C1010: University Writing (Academic Success Programs) / website / shadow syllabus / writing habits / reader response

Courses Taught at Montclair State University

ENWR 105: Intellectual Prose / ning [defunct] / piratepad [deleted]
ENWR 106: Writing and Literary Study / ning [defunct] / piratepad [deleted]