Where we come from.

We come from South Asia; Long Island; Charlottesville, Virginia; Hammond, Louisiana; Springfield, Missouri; Hanover, New Hampshire; New York, New York.  We are English B.A.’s and Fiction M.F.A.’s.  We are Ivy League educated, for what that’s worth.  We teach in Washington Heights.  Harlem.  Morningside.  Soho.  New Jersey.  Brooklyn.  We teach ESL writing, creative writing, professional writing, college writing.  Forget our own writing.  We have taught for seven years.  We teach K-12.  We teach college.  We volunteer.  We get paid.  We gripe.  We call this rewarding.

We are armchair academics in the comfiest of armchairs.  We come from near-perfect grades and test scores, academic parents, science backgrounds, art backgrounds, the pressure to be well-rounded which is what we bring to our classrooms.  We come from the world: television, movies, comics, video games, anime, Saturday morning cartoons, music, music videos, teh Internets and the electronic apocalypse.  We expect a robot rebellion by 2050 at the latest.  We philosophize about it in the meantime.  We’ll be disappointed if it doesn’t happen while we’re alive.

We teach halftime as adjunct faculty and part-time as a tutor at a New York nonprofit.  We love children.  We hate children.  We do our song-and-dance routine and wait for them to get it, for the glow of our reward.

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Based on a work at vyshalimanivannan.wordpress.com.

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